fromanothertotheother.com is a web application that cumulates a personal history through the instant lens of photography and writing. It consists of fabled theories, far-fetched fallacies, and waves of the primitive impulses behind which I intellectualize as the Performance of Sensational Experience.

The webpage built on the structure of a blog displays one random blog entry every time the browser is refreshed. The concept was conceived in 2011. Stretching the timeline to a lifespan, the webpage documents a non-linear visualization of Punctum and is essentially how I perceive, experience and contemplate on life as an idea of temporality

fromanothertotheother.com 以一个网络装置的形式,通过摄影与写作的即时镜头积累了一部个人历史。它由虚构理论、牵强的谬误和原始冲动的起伏组成。 我称其为感官经验的操演

装置由博客的结构搭建而成。每次浏览器刷新,网页便随机展示一则博文。 2011年构思出这个装置的想法。日积月累,延展这个时间线至一生, 这个网页装置非线性地记录了“刺点”的视觉化,也是我如何以一个时间性的概念来理解、 经历与思索人生,通过一个泛指的他者抵达那个具体的他者的过程。

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